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20210206_105338 20210206_105613DeWij Lemiers (NL) 2021  Since 2 weeks we are working in a permaculture garden for growing vegetables which we learned in Spain.  This is the existing garden of Astrid Merkx to be continued with that method. In combination with  the method of Iggdrasil called “schijnbare chaos”. Started from seed to….eat. That’s what we are going to do coming half year ! Building a reclycled glasshouse now from MirjamBerloth’s sculpture. With Mary Villesvik.


design for a pont (chelva lavadora)

Margalef (SP) converted the basement into an installation. On my walls some drawings, they visualize the rolling mountains around, the light, the rope and textile.

ChelvaCarreteralandscape Piel de Chelva (70 x100 cm (inkt , pencil, charcoal)


landscape Piel de Chelva (70 x100 cm (inkt , pencil, charcoal)

CHELVA (SP) (near Valencia); Morish, christian and jewish in this Chelva time that is gone, at this house here is a border (sort of 3 culturepoint).

Morish lived on the hillside till 1608 on the lower part here. Here was the jewish sector and on the square and to the east is now the town andcatholic. Probebly this house is build to the townwall, also as a tower. De barrios are called Azogue, Arrabal and Benicacira. I walk from his land with olivetrees and amandel back. Black olives on greygreen trees on red soil. Artishocks everywhere and cactus and sedums and rosemarin. So I made this in my next drawing. With a bunch of colorpencils together I started a roman window type going in that vegetal landscape.  I assembled a kind of pool,  with brow tiles and yellow tape and started a third drawing. It has wings on the horizon in the red sky.

finished sea of Egmond ’13

EGMOND AAN ZEE (NL); Busy with the see and its changing skies, end of the year atelier at pavilion ‘de zeester’   My work is not very colorclear, but yes about the greytones.   A big drawing is more or less a bit of scratching with the sound of the  pencels (sounds like the branding?) and pastel on paper. After that I draw with colorpencels to correct the ‘mistakes’ I made; like a line that just ends or turns or those empty lines; when grafit doesnot write and notes. Used a gum today to get the beachy and the waves of the clouds more. After http//:camac-calm-and-   (see other blog)  I work again in rectangles. This because of the horizon (the see) is bold, from left to right, behind a  balustrade on a dune. The frame is also not square. So in short; despite the emptyness of the beach and the water there is enough in this drawing what expresses the desorientation. Egmond ’13 Here is a new announcement for the summer in terms of inspiration. For example; Set#Bellamy ’13 This is the second window-installation with Set#Net group of artists (see blog),Third is a nice installation in july 2019 in A’dam window JMKemperstreet. And….. my metalsculpture for the elderyhouse in Purmerend.          


My  sculpture work :

I like materials to re-use materials and to put them in another context. I make use of  what comes on  my way. In my search I get ïnspired often by the contrast between logic, language, technic and nature in all its chaos and organisedness.  The changings in technologics, natural enviroment ask for an artistic comment.

I find in my inspiration by traveling,meetings, installations, sculptures and drawings which I make and  exhibite. All the contrasting definitions of landscapes and objects.

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