Expo 11sept- 6nov’16Natuurwandeling Spaans Catalonie 19 okt-26okt’16

Het is nu mogelijk mee te wandelen op een andere Camino Ignaciano ; the Catalan part. Start 19 oct 2016 Our route begins Lleida Spain Through picturesque mountains before ending in Montserrat or Manresa (near Barcelona); Ignatius rested in this town for some months after his journey through Spain.

Eerdere wandelingen ; Margalef study3en walk on the Camino Aragón in oct’15                zie blog;     https://camac-calm-and-more-artists-can.blogspot.com

Flight Ehv.-Reus 18 oct;  with the train from Taragona  to Lleida, nice city, where we stay in alberge san Anast. You will find all the stages of the etappes we are going to make till Montserrat 127km     (or Manresa  if you want 151km).

marg12marg9study2Name of our walk of (inner ) peace; Caminada per la pau (Catalan), from 19 Oct  to 26 Oct.’16     You are welcome to join !  Ask for information.

http://caminoignaciano.org     Lleida – Palau d’Anglesola (22,7 km) ,  Palau d’Anglesola – Verdú (24,7 km),   Verdú – Cervera (16 km),   Cervera –Panadella (15km),  Panadella – Jorba(15 km) or Igualada (22km)  , Igualada – Montserrat (26,8 km),  evt;Montserrat – Manresa (23,5 km)

paxA pied1Exhibition;  From 11 september – 6 november 2016 is the presentation of an Art installation  as a start in Amsterdam in “de Pijp”,part of  Set#Rust, adress Rustenburgerstraat 385 hs , open day and night,  which will represent the wish for peace in the Syrian/Iranien area, in context with the wish for more inner peace and respect.

We happen to believe that walking will be very richly rewarded: a profound “internal dynamic” often develops during long days on the road. The world slows down, and the walker begins to pay attention to the rich movements going on inside his or her heart.   Koos van der Elsen will follow after an Artist-in residence program next to Canserrat. More creative work will follow next to that walk.

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