SET#SERIEEL installation in estafette (like in the concept of cadavre exquis)
In TRACO Weesp worked on a reaction on ZenBoxen. After WimVonk’s flowerbeds with screws ,objects on a wooden floor ( which once stood cubbards for a compagny), then via asmall film of Ee Damen with blue plastic, shadow and red line came MartinedeJong really in the space up, followed MarjavanPutten her answer to the wall and came back to the box of sewing and textiles,there it was Annechien Verheij connected her line between 2 childrenchairs turn backwards to the end above a layered bed of leaves. Vera de Groot in her case put it in a paperbxo, womenbox, till HermineStam entered in the box and started a new. From her I got the space to go on, which resulted in a half men /half animal upside down keeping a stuffed box high. Set#serieel was a good project , thanks also to the dence space wher it took place.
      Koos van der Elsen 2013

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